Dan – Age 65

When Dan decided to make a lifestyle change, he started working out and eating low-fat foods, but Dan’s weight, at over 300 pounds, didn’t budge. That’s when Dan made an appointment with Elin.

“I made an appointment with Elin Kanchev to give me an introduction to the weights and exercise machines. He carefully pointed out what each machine was for and described the safe way to use it. In the end, he said the best way for me to correctly use the machines and build up a regular pattern of safe exercise was to hire a trainer for a few 30-minute sessions.”

After those first sessions, Dan realized he could do more, so, with Elin’s support, he quickly graduated to longer sessions.

“In the first few months of working with Elin, I lost little weight. I did feel better and did lose a few inches around my waist, but there was no dramatic downward movement in weight. That is when Elin began questioning me about my diet.”

Elin quickly realized Dan’s diet was part of the problem and helped Dan figure out the best way to approach food. For Dan, who mostly ate healthy, it was all about portion control and limiting treats.

“In the first 6-8 months of just using the cardio machines and the initial exercises with Elin with no major change in my diet, I lost 10 pounds. However, once we began a more disciplined exercise regime and once I began taking Elin’s diet recommendations, the weight loss rate increased. In the subsequent year, I shed an additional 41 pounds. All told, since the initial weighing February 2016 at 341 pounds, I lost about 90 pounds as of early February 2018. At the same time, I lost 12-14 inches in my waist. I should also add that my cholesterol levels and blood pressure have also dropped, much to the joy of my doctor. My triglyceride count went from 310 in November 2015 to 188 in June 2016 to 107 in November 2017. My next checkup is expected to be even better. At the same time, my blood pressure readings went from 138/84 in May 2016 to 120/71 in February 2018. It is clear to me – and my doctor – that the exercise and diet regime I have with Elin is paying off.

Dan says, “I must admit I was worried that getting a trainer meant having some muscle-bound person yell at me to do more push-ups or deep-knee bends. (And I have always hated calisthenics.) But I have seen the dramatic loss of weight (and girth) from paying attention to exercises and diet. I would not have the willpower to be as successful as I have been if it wasn’t for Elin’s constant encouragement.”

Yanislav Gerchev –  Bulgarian Judo Olympic Athlete (European Champion men 60kg)

“I am very thankful for Elin and the help he provided me with for my last Olympic cycle (Rio 2016). He was constantly supporting me throughout years of training, and took care of not only my physical form but most importantly my mental/psychological state,” says Gerchev.

“The things I’ve learned and keep learning from him help me with focus, concentration and going through all kinds of psychological barriers. He also helps me with injury prevention, recovery and strengthening potential week points, building my body stronger as well as being able to get to my competition weight, which is always a huge challenge. Our next goal is becoming an Olympic champion in Judo Men’s 60kg in Tokyo 2020. I am confident that with Elin’s help and my perseverance and persistence we will win gold!”  

Susan – Age 76

After retiring at age 66, Susan wanted to improve her overall health and physical stamina. After several years of inactivity, Susan knew that getting back into regular exercise would be a challenge, so she decided to hire a personal trainer.

I knew I needed guidance in how to proceed, as well as the boost to motivation one can get from a trainer. I reached a point where I needed someone with more knowledge about all the aspects of training – dealing with physical limitations of an aging body, nutrition, psychological approaches to maintaining motivation, etc.”

Susan knew that the right certified personal trainer would help her reach her fitness goals, and help her live a healthy, active lifestyle well into retirement.

Susan tried out three personal trainers before finding the right fit with Elin Personal Training Redefined. Why did she choose Elin Personal Training Redefined?

“What sets Elin above the others is his scientific approach to strength training and wellness. He has a deep understanding of the elements of physiology, biomechanics, biochemistry, and psychology that undergird a high-quality program. Furthermore, he takes the individual needs of each client into consideration when developing a program; there is no one-size-fits-all, as each person’s routine is personalized to achieve maximum impact on that person’s health and wellness. Elin has proved to be an outstanding trainer. His knowledge, his attitude, his attention to the details of my particular needs, and, most important, his encouragement, have kept me reaching toward my goals in maintaining and improving my strength and overall well-being. At almost 77, I am able to hike, camp, travel, and pursue all the activities I enjoy, while many of my peers are sitting on their couches. I haven’t attained all my goals, but with Elin’s help, I may yet get there.”

Dave – Age over 80

As a senior in my early 80’s, I asked Elin for two things. Get me in shape to ski in Utah for another year and to correct my posture so I did not walk like an old man with a shuffle, all bent over.

Both goals were accomplished. I skied for free at Alta in Utah this year, being over 80. I could ski for 5 hours on the blue slopes for 10 consecutive days and still walk onto the airplane to go home. I will do the same this year. And, my senior citizen wife thinks I look “hot,” as I now walk with a good stride, standing tall.

Elin in demanding, but fair, in how he pushed me to get stronger with stamina. Most importantly, he taught me how to warm up and stretch so that I did not tear any muscles or ligaments in the workouts. That being said, the workouts are rigorous, and it takes me a day to get over the stiffness.

The effort is worth it when your trainer knows what he is doing. Five stars!!!

Dave from Annandale

Megan – Age 30

While Megan was in pretty good shape, she decided to hire a personal trainer to help her pass a physical fitness exam to achieve her goal of becoming a police officer.

She chose Elin Personal Training Redefined because of the company’s good online reviews. She was immediately impressed with Elin’s professional attitude and approachable demeanor.

“Elin walked me through everything he offers and what I could expect, he asked me a lot of questions about my goals and what I wanted to achieve, as well as why I wanted a personal trainer. He has great attention to detail, very knowledgeable in his field of work, and he is very kind and down to earth. He suggested one of his trainers (Aleksandar Ilic) for my specific goals.”

Megan had less than two months to train for her goal, so she and Alek wasted no time getting to work.

“I worked with Alek for about 1.5 months and he was also very knowledgeable, motivating, never gave up on me and he was very personable.”

Megan passed the police department physical fitness exam, (even after coming down with strep throat and bronchitis) and credits Elin Personal Training Redefined for her success.

“Thanks to the help of Elin and Alek, their hard work, dedication, and motivation, I passed a huge milestone in my career advancement. I will forever be thankful for both of them. I strongly recommend Elin Kanchev and all of his team members for personal training of any kind.”

Joshua – Age 33

In his early twenties, Joshua lost a large amount of weight. At age 33, he’d been able to successfully keep the weight off, but wanted to get stronger, leaner, and more toned. He decided to hire a personal trainer to help him reach his goal.

I chose Elin’s Personal Training based on rave online reviews. Elin was quick to respond and request a phone call to describe my future goals. After having my first trial workout with one of his trainers Kris, I knew that Elin and Kris both cared about my own personal goals for my body. The four system workout perfectly shapes the entire body. It is not just a focus on lifting weights… it is core, joints, stretching and lifting.”

After working out with Kris for just a few months, Joshua has already seen amazing results, crediting the 4STM combination of movement and mind for his transformation.

“I started off not being able to do more than five pushups and a handful of sit-ups. I have always been an avid runner; however, with Kris I have been able to completely tone my entire body. Over the course of a few months I dropped 2% body fat and felt stronger than ever. Additionally, every session feels new and different. I’m constantly challenged during workouts so as to never plateau, yet I never feel pushed outside of what I feel my body can handle. I cannot recommend ELIN Personal Training Redefined enough.”

Michael – Age 32

Michael was always fit and trim but felt like his workouts needed a boost. He decided to hire a personal trainer, and found Elin and his team at Elin Personal Training Redefined.

“I heard about Elin through a friend and connected with him to speak about my fitness goals.  He set me up with his colleague Kris Baychev, who I have been working with for almost a year now, with two sessions per week.  Kris keeps our workouts fun and interesting, while teaching me a variety of workouts; I feel stronger and better than ever! Kris listens extremely well during our sessions and customizes my workouts based on my feedback and as my goals change over time.  He is an extremely great motivator and keeps me excited to continue working towards my best self.  I feel lucky to have found Elin and his team.”

More Testimonials

Francis S.

When looking for a personal trainer, it struck me exactly how hard it is to find quality in any service. Most people are bad at most things, and people that take their work seriously are rare. I signed up for some classes with a trainer at my gym. Paid a reasonable amount. Got terrible advice and hurt myself. The trainer was probably trying his best but just didn’t have the experience or knowledge to help me learn correctly. I was afraid to make a more serious financial commitment with no guarantee that I’d get better results… but I tried out ELIN, and I’m glad I did. I got a phone call from Elin and was immediately impressed with his knowledge and his ability to communicate effectively about critical aspects of getting in shape. It was clear this was a no-bs trainer that was interested in actually providing training rather than tricking me into paying an exorbitant price and then phoning it in. I began sessions with a trainer named Kris. Kris had the body to indicate that he knows how to work out, but that isn’t always enough. You have to be an effective teacher as well. It turns out Kris has an excellent eye for form and was able to explain, over the course of our sessions, specific issues with my body that needed to be addressed. He found exercises that addressed those issues, and if I had difficulty with that exercise, he found a new one that worked better. He strikes an excellent balance between fixing form and letting you get on with the workout, neither constantly interrupting you nor letting you do useless reps. He was also able to explain and demonstrate over time the importance of the less glamorous parts of the workout, such as stretching and SMR, which all of us “know” are important but which we never really accept as crucial. In short, all of my expectations for hiring a professional trainer were met. These guys don’t screw around. If you’re serious, hire ELIN.

Louise E.

All of the options and more! We are just beginning and I expect that I will continue to be pleased

Ben S.

Elin is a consummate professional. He takes the time to understand your fitness goals and to develop and implement a tailored and careful approach to help you achieve them. He promotes a holistic mind-body approach and has the skills and personality to work with beginners and elite athletes alike. His enthusiasm is contagious and his commitment to clients tireless and admirable. His business operations (payment, scheduling, etc.) are seamless and client-friendly. Simply put, Elin is an amazing trainer and person. I cannot recommend him highly enough!

Ganesh L.

Kris fron Elins team was solid. He always showed up on time, had a great motivating attitude and most importantly knew what he as doing. He got both me and my wife on a good trajectory upwards to fitness – ie challenging is just enough every time – so it’s fun and at the same time pushing us so there’s continual improvement. Bottom line – what matters is the results – and we both saw very positive objective results. What I also liked about both Elin and Kris – is they are always honest and straightforward (and no BS) and will tell you the truth from day 1 – on what it takes to get fit, what you will need to do and what you can expect. I would recommend them both without any reservations.

Hasmin B.

Elin’s personal training was great! It really establishes a good routine that you’ll remember for years to come. I mainly worked with Kris, who was very knowledgeable and patient. He showed me proper form and made sure to answer all of the questions I had. They are both great at getting back to you via text and email, so I never felt like I was on my own whenever I was unsure of something. Thank you both so much!

Chris D.

Having a great time! Kris is super motivating and extremely knowledgeable. It’s only been a month but I’ve already seen noticeable positive changes.

Joshua A.

Could not recommend more – both Elin and Kris are extremely responsive and helpful. Kris has been instrumental in providing corrective exercises and starting me on a stronger path. You will not regret joining up!

Jirair R.

Elin and Kris are wonderful to work with! They can cater any workout regime to your body and fitness goals. The hours are convenient and they are always working to improve my experience and keep things interesting at the gym. I have been training for 3 months now and already seeing a major difference in my health and fitness. Thanks guy!

Gloria Y.

Elin is amazing! He’s an exceptional professional and trainer, and was on top of everything from the initial phone call, to setting up the session, to following up. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, and I was pleasantly surprised! He’s very good at walking you through the exercises and explaining why they are important to you personally. Shows he cares and invested. I would recommend Elin to anyone – he’s great!

Reb E.

I’m a busy student and have been working out for roughly 2 years, I felt like the typical girl on the elliptical who just wasnt seeing any results. I wanted to stop wasting my time and thought there must be something I’m doing wrong here. Then I found Elins personal training I am so happy I hired him and his partner Kris, they have taught me so much already about proper form, breathing, different exercises, and actually how to use the machines, which i thought i knew how to use them before (well I didn’t). They work with your level of fitness and don’t try to set the bar above what you are capable of which I found to be a really nice change. I feel pushed just enough to keep motivated but not injured or want to quit. I look forward to more sessions with them and highly recommend their service!

Erik K.

Very knowledgeable, affordable and dedicated to his craft.

Vicki K.

Very professional and exceptional training skills

Candace H.

I hired Elin as my trainer so that I could exceed the Navy PRT. I normally score good or average but I wanted to do better and get at least an excellent so that I could become the commands Assistant Fitness Leader. Well I had 3 weeks to train with Elin and my goal was over exceeded. I maxed out my push ups, sit ups and scored excellent on my run. I was very pleased with my results and Elin’s commitment to train me. My schedule is jammed pack and I like that he is very communicative in rescheduling with me and managing his time to meet up with me. He was very professional, genuine and committed to fitness and health. He pushed me and kept me motivated. I would recommend Elin to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer that will get the job done!

Evan J.

I decided to look for a personal trainer because I kept running into some joint injuries in the gym, and figured that I was using incorrect form. Because of this, finding someone who greatly valued form over general exhaustion was pretty important to me. Elin and Kris both know exactly what they’re doing and I’m unlearning methods I used to use in the gym that were actually destructive rather than beneficial.

Eric R.

Very good training. If you want quality and get on the road to good health and fitness. This is your man!

James R.

Elin and Kris are great. I started about only 2 months ago and the results I have seen have the best I have ever had ever. I have been through countless trainers and group classes and the amount of attention they give and the way they are able to gradually work your entire body out without sacrificing quality is the best I have ever seen. It is an experience you have to go through with patience to believe. Very hard to explain as the results are unreal. Very unique methodology. To date, they have exceeded my expectations, and look forward to more sessions as they have sold me not only on their methods, but more importantly on the lifestyle. Lastly I will say, Elin is impeccable in terms of following up. He really cares about his clients. Kris is the best trainer I have ever had as he genuinely cares about you and shows up with a smile day in and day out. He was so great, I referred him to my future sister in law before her big day! I can’t speak highly enough about these guys. They are the real deal!

Jamie S.

I know I don’t have a strong willpower when it comes to exercising. So I know hiring a personal trainer would be a good way to get started. After interviewing a few trainers, I decided on Elin and it was one of the best decisions I made! Because I hadn’t worked out for so long, I was concerned that I might not be able to keep it up and give it up prematurely. Elin designed a custom program for me tailoring to my needs and physical condition. I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t as intimated as I thought after the first few secessions, which helped motivate me to come back. Once I established, Elin has a way to keep your routine more interesting by trying different ways to condition your body so you are constantly learning and improving. It has been almost a year since I worked with Elin, I am pleased with what I have accomplished and will continue making the routine into a habit. Whether you just get stared or want someone who can push you to the next level, Elin is the person who can help accomplish your goals.

Abdul T.

Elin was more than a personal trainer! I am totally satisfied with the results. My body has changed a lot and my doctor has told me that I look healthier. I have learned a lot from him about fitness. He was always available to answer any of my questions. I totally recommend Elin.

Alex I.

This guy is amazing! After a month work with him, you can feel yourself in totally different body!!! I do! He changed me so much in this short time!!!

Abdo A.

Elin is so professional and inspiring. I did not like exercise before but thanks to him and his help. I am now exercising almost every day. 🙂

Petya B.

Elin is very professional and really knowledgeable about the body. He doesn’t cut corners and develops workouts that really push you to achieve your goals! He is very passionate about physical fitness and wants to see you succeed plus he makes each workout fun and unique.

Bobby S.

Very professional and knowledgeable!

Dessie S.

Elin will challenge you! There’s never ‘I can’t’ with him and I love being pushed to my limits. He is also very motivating and you will never get bored with him! I love how dynamic and creative his work out routines are. Also, he is a big fan of nature so he will take you out whenever there is an opportunity which I love.

Shay C.

Elin is a great trainer with your best interest in mind. He takes the time to work with you at your own pace and helps push you closer to your goals. I’d highly recommend him.

Chris H.

Elin is an excellent fitness coach. His knowledge of strength training and conditioning is impressive and he’s created a training plan tailored to my goals.

Vacaba C.

I’ve been training with Elin for about 2 months now and hands down he’s the best trainer I’ve ever used. His teaching principle is based on building a strong foundation and from these core movements to gradually move on to more advance techniques and forms of training. Needless to say this is exactly what I was looking for as I have had other trainers who only encouraged me to lift heavy weights even when I clearly explained that I had no experience exercising (let alone weight lifting). It’s a miracle I didn’t injure myself. From the first work out on Ive been completely confident in the things I’m doing and never once felt like I was being given more than I could handle; however this by no means states that he’s going to go easy on you. If you’re a newbie its critical you facilitate perfect form and not build bad habits, by choosing Elin I guarantee you’ll have that and so much more. I work full time but still manage to commute 4 hours round trip on bus and metro to attend my Saturday sessions and will happily continue to do so. Elin you’re awesome!!!

Hector B.

I would recommend Elin to anyone who is looking to achieve their physical goals. Talk about personal training he’s the best very professional and knowledgeable at we he does. He start’s you of with a plan tailored to want to you want to achieve and really helps you get there. There is not enough words to describe all the great work he does!

John M.

The personal training with Elin is phenomenal! He does such a great job helping you achieve your goal, to get that sexy dream body you always dreamed of! When I train with Elin it’s always awesome, Elin is simply the best at what he does I highly recommend his training! I am very satisfied with my experience with Elin. I appreciate all the help I received from Elin, I’m so happy with my body and the new me.

Alan C.

I have truly benefited from training with Elin. He has improved my strength, endurance and flexibility. He pushes me to reach my best, while still feeling safe and avoiding injury. He also brings a positive energy that makes these sessions fun. I highly recommend him.

Susan B.

Elin has the ability to gauge the level of experience of his clients and plan an individualized training program that will enable them to correct any previously acquired bad habits, develop good techniques in each exercise, and progress at an appropriate speed toward their goals. While he is a demanding trainer, he is also patient. He does not push his clients beyond what they are capable of at the given moment; rather, he encourages them to build their competencies and set attainable goals at each level of training. His concern for the well-being of a client goes beyond their ability to perform a specific routine, and his own training and experience give him the background to provide advice about factors such as diet, rest, pacing, etc.

ELIN personal training is perfect across the board – you establish clear goals when you start, and your trainer will push you to work harder, eat smarter, and get stronger.

Elin Kanchev is amazing!  Not only did he convince someone with a decades-long aversion to gym workouts to give strength training a try, he also produced results that I never would have imagined possible.

I thought I was in pretty good shape – I was already exercising regularly and vigorously.  But after training with Elin for only a few months, I realized what I had been missing.  I have never been stronger in my life; I can see and feel muscles I never knew I had; and I find that I can perform even better in my yoga, Pilates and dance classes, not to mention everyday chores.

Elin is the perfect combination of tough and fun.  He pushes me really hard but I enjoy working with him so much that each session flies by and I’m always eager for more.   Elin ensures that the exercises he gives me are challenging yet achievable, and he inspires me to continually reach new goals.  Elin’s positive feedback and encouragement are motivating – his energy and enthusiasm are positively contagious!

Moreover, Elin has a profound understanding of body mechanics and muscle function and he places a high value on correct form.  It is clear that he carefully tailors sessions to the individual needs, abilities, and goals of each of his clients.

Although my experience is limited, I have no doubt that Elin Kanchev is a truly top-notch personal trainer.  I am really pleased to have the good fortune to work with him.