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Elin and his trainers know the challenges that everyday people experience as they try to meet their fitness goals. Schedules become tight.
Age slows you down. Injuries happen. Life just gets in the way. That’s why in 2015, Elin started ELIN Fitness Redefined®, a personal-training service that makes it convenient and easy for you to get you in the shape you’ve always dreamed, and feel even better.


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In-Home Personal Training

When you choose In-Home Personal Training sessions, you can say goodbye to sweaty, sticky equipment and waiting on machines at the gym. With our In-Home Personal Training sessions, you’ll get stimulating, creative workouts right at home (your house, yard, basement, apartment building gym, office space, park).

If and when equipment is needed for your in-home session, we’ll provide it. All you’ll need to provide is positivity and excitement for your training session!

Personal Training

In-our location

In-our location Personal Training

In our partnering location around DC Metropolitan area.

Do you prefer the structure of working out in traditional gym setting?

If so, in our partnering location around DC Metropolitan area personal Training option is for you. Your trainer will design one-of-a-kind workouts in our studio, where you may see other trainers working out with clients from time to time. If that isn’t something you’re interested in, you can schedule private time in our partnering location around DC Metropolitan area with your trainer as well.

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Personal Training


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Online Coaching

Maybe you’ve been working out for years, and just need that extra motivation to help hold yourself accountable. We will customize online coaching program for you that provides the extra motivation you need to head to the gym and put in a workout.

The online coaching sessions are the most customizable training option. You can get daily, weekly, or monthly workouts and motivational tools straight to your inbox.



Corporate Wellness

Regular exercise not only improves health and mobility but generally improves our overall mood as well. Get the whole company involved with our Corporate Training program. We’ll help design a program with every employee’s health and wellness in mind.

We offer group fitness classes for employees, individualized personal training sessions, and educational seminars to help your employees energize both mind and body.

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Nutritional Counseling

When you realize what body truly needs for optimum performance, you’ll reach our fitness goals faster, have more energy, and just feel better overall.

Food is a crucial element of the 4 Seasons Training Method; it’s more then just a source of energy, it’s can affect our lives, energy, health, and mental awareness. We’ll help you learn what the right foods are and how to incorporate them into your daily life. Treat yourself with the highest quality foods –  after all, you deserve it! But first, let us help you find the right foods for you.

You’ll be surprised at how many simple, healthy foods can be delicious and nutritious!



Supplemental Advice

We believe that food is essential, but we understand that in the busy world we live in, we do not always have time to have healthy meals all the time, so we have the aid of supplements.

We only recommend what we personally use – the highest quality. If you’re interested in supplements, we can counsel you on the best products for your goals.

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