Founder and CEO of ELIN Personal Training Redefined, Elin Kanchev has been named a 2017 bodybuilding champion and trained everyone from Olympic athlete Yanislav Gerchev to Dave, to Susan, who wanted to get in shape so she could enjoy her retirement. Whatever your fitness goal, Elin and his team of personal trainers are ready to help you make those goals a reality.

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I have truly benefited from training with Elin. He has improved my strength, endurance and flexibility. He pushes me to reach my best, while still feeling safe and avoiding injury. He also brings a positive energy that makes these sessions fun. I highly recommend him.

Alan C.

The personal training with Elin is phenomenal! He does such a great job helping you achieve your goal, to get that sexy dream body you always dreamed of! When I train with Elin it’s always awesome, Elin is simply the best at what he does I highly recommend his training! I am very satisfied with my experience with Elin. I appreciate all the help I received from Elin, I’m so happy with my body and the new me.

John M.

I would recommend Elin to anyone who is looking to achieve their physical goals. Talk about personal training he’s the best very professional and knowledgeable at we he does. He start’s you of with a plan tailored to want to you want to achieve and really helps you get there. There is not enough words to describe all the great work he does!

Hector B.

Elin is an excellent fitness coach. His knowledge of strength training and conditioning is impressive and he’s created a training plan tailored to my goals.

Chris H.

Elin is a great trainer with your best interest in mind. He takes the time to work with you at your own pace and helps push you closer to your goals. I’d highly recommend him.

Shay C.

Elin will challenge you! There’s never ‘I can’t’ with him and I love being pushed to my limits. He is also very motivating and you will never get bored with him! I love how dynamic and creative his work out routines are. Also, he is a big fan of nature so he will take you out whenever there is an opportunity which I love.

Dessie S.


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